About us

Dialogues is a social enterprise with specific limitations on the distribution of profit. We want to contribute to a more sustainable society and support initiatives and individuals with the same goal with the profit we generate.

Martin Sande

Martin is a founder and senior facilitator at Dialogues with more than 25 year of experience as a consultant. He has supported organisations and leaders who create change focusing on dialogue, co-creation and building trust. Martin is valued for his energy, focus and ability to assist groups in dealing with complex problems. He inspires groups have the courage and trust to create results beyond what they believe to be possible.

Martin has authored of a number of papers in co-operation with SALAR. He is co-author of the book: “From Arrogance to Intimacy – a handbook for active democracies” together with Dr. Andy Williamsson.

Bernard le Roux

Bernard is a co-founder of Dialogues, mediator and facilitator. He has a background in law and education. He has worked as mediator and facilitator for the past 22 years. Originally from South Africa, he moved to Sweden in 2003. Most recently he worked with public dialogue and mediation in the City of Gothenburg where he also trained politicians and civil servants in facilitation and conflict resolution. Together with Martin Sande he has actively collaborated with SALAR since 2007 in exploring ways to support local authorities in dealing with complex social problems and societal conflicts.

Emilia Rozsa

Emilia’s role in Dialogues is to contribute to the creation of a knowledge database with her knowledge of psychology and mediation. She is completing her education in Social Science with an apprenticeship year in Dialogues.

Emilia has a social science education with focus on psychology, sociology and criminology, with specific focus on mediation. Her previous work experience includes communication, facilitation and project leadership and co-ordination involving social problems such as human trafficking. She also has experience in art and design.

Our associates and partners

At this point we are keeping our own organisation small and focus on buildning and maintaining a network of parnters and associates. These include:

  • Daniel Andersson
  • Emilie Widarsson
  • Kerstin Stenberg
  • Johann Rehnberg

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