complexity and tension

into a positive force

Dialogues’ approach

We view society as a dynamic living system. As with ecosystems, small disturbances in one area affect other parts. Managing complex problems requires consideration of all the parts that make up the whole. Through collaboration and by using the collective wisdom of these parts,  sustainable solutions can be found. Dialogue is the tool for transforming adversity into opportunity.

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Conflict and complexity

The degree of complexity and level of tension or conflict are important factors in all social problems.  They indicate which risks are present, which opportunities exist; they will determine the way in which you need to design your dialogue and the level of competence that is needed to facilitate dialogue.
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What to do?

If you are faced with the challenge of a social problem, the first step is to know how to act. What do you do right away and how do you manage the problem in the long run? We have diagnostic tools that may help you to make sense of the situation you are facing.
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Dialogue is a way of managing complex societal conflicts. However, dialogue means many things to many people and it is important to determine what we mean by dialogue and which kind of dialogue is needed for a particular situation.
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Being prepared

Trying to deal with serious problems when your structures are not geared for these, will not only produce poor results but will affect your organisation adversely.
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Who we are and what we do

Dialogues is a small, mobile, non-profit company. We work together with others to find collaborative ways to manage and resolve tensions that surround complex social problems.

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