Be prepared

Is your organisation ready to deal with a complex problem?

The forest blaze in Sweden in 2018 exposed the lack of preparedness for a fire of that size. The Swedish fire services were able to deal with lesser forest fires and were well equipped. They didn’t, however, bargain with the support and infrastructure needed for a fire of that magnitude and needed to call on neighbouring countries for help. 

We have discovered that many authorities lack the capacity to deal with complex problems and societal conflicts even when help is available in the form of trained facilitators or mediators. The problem is that the organisation is not prepared to work collaboratively with other stakeholders and partners. They fall back on traditional modes of decision-making and rely on planning and experts to “solve” the problem. This risks making the problem worse, both in terms of escalating frustration, resistance and conflict and in terms of complexity. Unfortunately, complex problems don’t come with a warning: “DON’T ATTEMPT TO SIMPLIFY”. 

We would be happy to assist you in gauging your preparedness and assist you in building the capacity to deal with complex problems before they arise. If the heat is already up, you can learn as we help you deal with the problem, or, as we say: “make the road while walking it”. Please contact us if you need more information on how we or our partners can assist you.