A: A simple or complex problem with a low to modrate level of conflict

The situation appears not to be complex. This means that it is usually handled by following prescribed routines or with the assistance of experts. There may be some tension present, but the level of conflict is still at a low or moderate level. 

Square A


  • Unresolved areas of tension can develop into more serious and damaging conflicts. 
  • While this is not a complex issue, it may become more complex if it is not dealt with transparently and openly. 

Suggested measures to manage or prevent tension

  • Make sure that the actors involved are updated and informed – preferably directly
  • It may be worthwhile to invite the actors to meetings or talk to them individually to foster relationships between you
  • Be sensitive to signs of dissatisfaction. Take up these issues immediately with those expressing dissatisfaction. Listen with an open attitude to what is being expressed. 
  • Avoid unilateral decisions on the matter. Involve or – at least – consult stakeholders.
  • Avoid reacting defensively or responding too quickly to criticism on social media.