Dialogues is a small, not for profit company. We support those who want to deal more effectively with difficult situations that create stress and tension, be it in society, in organisations, groups or relationships. Below are some examples of our interventions.

We work primarily in partnership with others.


Martin Sande

Martin is a a senior facilitator and co-founder of Dialogues. He  has wored for 25 years as a consultant,  exploring, developing and prototyping how to meet complex challenges focusing on dialogue, co-creation and building trust. He is acknowledged for his energy, focus and special ability to facilitate conversations in groups that face complex challenge, helping them to move beyond what they consider possible.

Martin is an accomplished speaker and trainer of facilitation and dialogue design. He is co-author of the book “From Arrogance to Intimacy – a handbook for Active Democracies” together with Dr. Andy Williamsson. He has written and contributed to a number of texts in collaboration with SALAR.

Martin is also a keen sailor. Always looking for ways to improve his yaught and express his creativity generally, he designs and creates in metal and wood.



 Bernard le Roux

Bernard le Roux is a facilitator, mediator and co-founder of Dialogues. He devotes his working time to developing and refining ways in which
conflicts and tension can be transformed into growth and development for individuals, groups and society through dialogue. He believes in the power of honest and open dialogue to move beyond fixed positions and so avoid destructive conflict.

He graduated in commerce and law in South Africa but opted for a career in teaching and later mediation and facilitation. Now living in Sweden, he works with local and regional authorities, but also works with mediation policy and training in Colombia and is on the teaching faculty of the School of Collective Intelligence in Morocco.

Besides mediating, facilitating, designing dialogue processes, strategising and training, he relishes gardening, cooking and the outdoors.


Those we collaborate with

SALAR (The Swedish Association of Municipalities and Regions)

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Some of our clients

The Swedish Association of Municipalities and Regions (SALAR)



Examples of the interventions we are or have been involved with and supported include:

  • A national dialogue for the development of a management plan for large predators. 
  • A dialogue process on reducing violence in Biskopsgården (Gothenburg)
  • Dealing with protests against the reduction of health services at Sollefteå Hospital in the region of Västernorrland.
  • Supporting dialogue processes for increased safety and security in Eskilstuna, Lysekil, Sundbyberg and Enskede-Årsta-Vantör (City of Stockolm)
  • Assisting the Property and Traffic Office in the City of Malmö with the development of a dialogue strategy.
  • Supporting the Urban Cable Way Project in the City of Gothenburg, with public dialogue.
  • Supporting Ale Municipality with a public dialogue to develop a strategy for implementation of Agenda 2030
  • Assisting the suburb of Enskede-Årsta-Vantör (City of Stockholm) in their dialogue around safety.
  • Assisting Falköping local authority with a dialogue around schools, segregation and the rural-urban divide.
  • Workplace conflict at BASF (Sweden)
  • Civil Dispute Mediation for the Gothenburg District Court
  • Assisting Vårgårda Municipality with a dispute regarding care of mentally disabled people


Examples of the trainings and courses we have held:

  • Introductory and advanced courses in Facilitation and Dialogue Design for SALAR
  • A course in social mediation for officials and members of civil society, Florida, Colombia
  • A course in social mediation and dialogue for development workers in partnership with SKL International
  • Facilitation and mediation – masterclass at the School for Collective Intelligence, UM6P, Morocco
  • Facilitation and Dialogue Design for city planners, City of Malmö
  • Dialogue and Conflict Management, Challenge Lab, Chalmers Technical University, Gothenburg.
  • Leading in the Face of Tension – a facilitation training course in Helsinki for the Peace Education Institute RKI