B: A simple or complicated problem with conflict affecting communication

The situation appears not to be complex. This means that it is usually handled by following prescribed routines or with the assistance of experts. The conflict has escalated to a point where communication is affected.

Square B


  • If unchecked, the conflict could escalate to a level that becomes destructive. 
  • While this is not a complex issue, it may become more complex if communication is not improved and more actors are drawn in. 

Suggested measures to manage or prevent tension

  • Focus on improving communication with stakeholders (and if possible between them)
  • Increase transparency in the process
  • Include stakeholders in decisions made
  • Create a sense of security in meetings and use a facilitator if possible
  • Pay special attention to the critical voice and give it the opportunity to come forward
  • Wherever possible, create opportunities for relationship-building activities
  • Avoid anything that can damage trust and confidence
  • Plug in your management and keep them informed.