How we can support you with the design and facilitation of dialogue

Designing and facilitating conversations 

Difficult conversations or meetings where tension is expected require forethought, planning and good facilitation.
Tension, resistance and conflict in meetings or conversations are a challenge. Our regular forms for these conversations or our ability to facilitate them might not suffice. This is especially true if the person organising or leading a meeting or conversation is involved in the issue that causes tension. 

We distinguish between dialogue design and facilitation.

Be it a one-to-one conversation or a much larger dialogue process, the design of this conversation or larger process can make a significant difference in how it turns out in the end. You do however need to consider how the meeting will be facilitated. Good facilitation again can make the difference between success and the continuation or even escalation of the tension.

Do you need coaching support, help with design, clarity regarding facilitation or contact with a qualified facilitator?

Whether you simply need to check some ideas, require coaching or advice or are in need of a neutral facilitator for your meeting, you can contact us. If we are not able to personally facilitate, we can put you in touch with competent facilitators.

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