Help with managing conflicts or debilitating tension

Conflicts, resistance and tension and how we can help

Conflicts and debilitating tension can be stressful and seem like something you’d rather avoid.

This is more than simply anticipating tension during a conversation or meeting, it involves a conflict that has arisen and that is affecting a relationship, a team, an organisation or society. 

Ignoring conflict is never a wise thing to do. Conflicts don’t just disappear unless conditions change. They have a nasty habit of cropping up again and then often in a way that is more charged than before. 

One can liken conflict to fire. It can be destructive – even deadly. But it is also the energy that drives our machines, cooks our food and lights up our homes. Much depends on how we harness it and what we do when it is beyond our ability to control. 

Conflict can be a catalyst for necessary change. If you view it as such, it becomes an opportunity for transformation. This is true for fire too. Some habitats need fire from time to time in order to regenerate. 

How we can help

We can assist you with advice, coaching or mediation. We have many years of experience in managing conflicts on an interpersonal, group and societal level. 


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