Inspiring your team or organisation in the use of dialogue 

Seminars and talks

When a team or organisation needs to be inspired to open up to broader participation.

It is a significant shift for many teams and organisations to open up their decision-making process to include those who are affected by their decisions. Questions that often arise are “why do we need to change a system that has worked for years?”  and “what does that entail for us?” or “How will it affect us?”

You may want your colleagues to come to a common understanding of dialogue, social complexity, conflict, participation or collaboration.

The world is changing fast. We need to understand these changes in order to formulate adequate responses. The changes often require structural or behavioural change. Such change cannot be forced upon people. Gaining an understanding of the complex challenges we face is the first step towards creating the dialogue need in order to make the necessary changes – together.

We offer workshops, seminars and talks on topics related to democracy, decision-making, complex problems, conflicts, public dialogue, mediation and more.

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