Using technology to enhance person to person dialogue

A digital platform for dialogue 

Can the use of digital tools enhance your dialogue and make it more effective?

Our expertise is face-to-face dialogue in different forms. We were sceptical about the growing trend of replacing direct conversation with digital exchanges. We still are. 

Having met Socyti, we have however discovered how a smart digital platform can help us to be more effective in designing and executing larger dialogue processes. The point is not to replace much needed direct communication, but to make it easier to include more voices and reach more people in a constructive way.

Our partnership with Socyti enables us to offer a combination of technology and person to person dialogue in a way that enhances the collective intelligence of a group of people. This synthesis is currently being tested and improved. 

We are happy to introduce you to the platform and to tailor it to your needs should this be required. 

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