Learning to facilitate, mediate or design dialogue processes

Training courses and coaching for those working with groups or teams

We offer a variety of different courses – usually when an organisation or group of people request a training in a particular area. Examples of the courses we offer are:

Facilitating dialogue: Basic and advanced courses in facilitation skills

Mediation: Courses in mediating interpersonal, group and societal conflicts

Leading and designing dialogue: Basic and advanced courses for those tasked with leading large scale dialogue processes. The element of design can also be included in facilitation and mediation courses.

Groups going dealing with change: Courses for groups grappling with the dynamics and difficulties involved in changes within the organisation and those confronting it from the outside.

We are available to coach individuals and groups in all of the above areas.


Courses and coaching for individuals wanting to improve their conflict management skills 


Dealing with conflict as a leader: Courses for leaders who want to improve their own conflict management skills. These courses are for people in leadership and management positions. 

Improving your own skills in handling personal conflicts: Courses for people who want to improve their ability to handle conflicts in relationships, in their workplace or within their families or communities. 


Besides training courses, we offer coaching for people interested in improving their conflict management skills. The coaching sessions are arranged to suit individuals who are interested. 

If you are interested in any of the above courses or would like to discuss the possibility of coaching, please contact us

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